debit vs. credit

Debit and credit cards are two very different things. It’s crucial that you understand how each card works, so you can make the best decisions regarding how and when to use each one. Although you may already know some things, there are a lot of lesser-known perks and dangers that come with both debit and credit cards.


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Credit vs. debit: Pros, cons & protections for your money

Whether you have a debit card, a credit card or both, you can get yourself into some serious financial trouble without a good understanding of how each one works and the differences between the two.

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Advantages of using both a debit card and a credit card

Considering the fact that debit & credit cards have very different protections for your money, it may be better to use a debit card in some situations and a credit card in others. Here are a few ways to decide which one is best.


Debit card dangers: 12 places to never swipe it

The idea of only being able to spend what you have can be appealing, but actually, using a debit card is riskier than carrying cash. Here's a list of places to never swipe your debit card!