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A few things that are killing your budget and how to get back on track

There are a few things that you may not even realize are killing your budget! Alex talks her top tips on how to recognize them and get back on track with digital financial and business show Cheddar.

Tips for traveling on a budget!

Money Guru Alex Thomas gives her top tips for traveling on a budget.

Most Americans don't have the money to cover an unexpected emergency

Financial expert Alex Thomas says the government shutdown was a big wake up call for most Americans. We go Behind the headline to find out how deep this issue is.

Tips to live frugally when you’re strapped for cash

When you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, there are a few easy strategies to start spending less and put more money back in your pocket!

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Want to save enough to retire in your 30s? This guy did

When you’re so good at saving money that you can retire at age 31, people understandably want to hear your money tips. That’s how Clark Howard ended up with his own radio show, where he takes consumers’ questions about all things personal finance.

Clark Howard introduces Alex Thomas and Common Cents |

Consumer Advocate Clark Howard introduces Alex Thomas and Common Cents, a new series that takes the mystery out of your money.



"Common Cents" brings financial literacy to young professionals

The Clark Team announces the launch of a new series at FinCon named "Common Cents," aimed at educating and empowering young professionals to take control of their money, life and future. Led by Managing Editor Alex Thomas, the "Common Cents" series kicks off with "10 basic lessons every young adult should know about money," including why and how to budget, how to save, how credit works, how to buy a home, tackling student loan debt, and how to start investing.


7 Money Tips Every College Graduate Needs

To help you (or the new grad in your life) stay focused, we put together a list of money tips to keep in mind during the transition from college student to full-time adult. We asked Alex Thomas, managing editor of personal finance site and the money-basics series "Common Cents," to share her top tips for managing money after college.

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Alex Thomas on the worst data breach in modern U.S. history

The Equifax cyber attack compromised approximately 143 million Americans in one of the worst breaches in modern American history. Alex Thomas, Managing Editor at joins to explain why this attack was worse than other major breaches like Yahoo's. In the aftermath of Equifax, Thomas gives some tips for staying protected online and avoiding scams.